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About Us

Everyone needs a second chance, but whether it be timing or maturity, only some are worthy of one.

We believe everyone needs a second chance sometime in life. We also believe in personal responsibility and doing what’s right.

For our clients, our mission is to help those who need a second chance, however, only those with the right heart, financial means, and good intentions. 

For our “Partner Properties”, we are committed to providing quality residents and our guarantee, which reassures them when offering our clients the opportunity for a second chance. 

With the proper mindset from our clients and empathy from our “Partner Properties”, We now made the hope of a new and a fresh start a reality for thousands of Houstonians, and looks forward to helping thousands more!

Our mission is to bring together those who are worthy of a Second Chance with those willing to offer one... to the benefit of both.

The  Mission
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