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About Us!

Alex K.

Wonderful helpful team here, from the day i made my appointment to when i got my keys for my apartment. Erika helped me throughout my entire process and was always very clear, helpful, and up front about the entire process. She let me know all the fees immediately before I decided to move forward with anything, gave me all the information I would need to proceed. On top of being very thorough with providing help and information Erika was also very regularly in contact with me to assure the process was moving along and that i was taking care of things on my end, as well as endlessly patient with me when i was having difficulties on my end. Erika is also just a delight to talk to and work with, the whole team is very sweet and inviting. Cannot recommend this team enough if you need rental help 🙏

Shelby C.

I had an awesome experience. Ms. Lashell was very thorough and clear on the process from beginning to end. She was patient and attentive to my needs as I searched for an apartment. Never was I mislead and did she make promises she couldn't deliver on. I would recommend Second Chance for anybody with rental history issues. Be open honest and upfront and they're sure to let you know if it's something they can help with or not. All of the ladies in the office were great but big shout out to Ms. Lashell for assisting me from start to finish!!

Monique J.

I had a wonderful experience working with Second Chance Apartment Company and my representative, Sandra. I was able to find an apartment that fit my budget and accepted my past credit history, something I thought would be impossible. Sandra was very helpful and patient throughout the entire process, and she made sure to answer all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Second Chance Apartment Company to anyone looking for a new apartment. Overall, I am very happy with my experience with Second Chance Apartment Company. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new apartment.

Rhonda N.

Sandra B. was very helpful and informative. Love her positive, bubbly personality! This company is a huge help and worth trying if you need to build or re-build solid rental history. It's the place to go to and Sandra B. is the agent to talk to! I definitely recommend.

Guillermo H.

I had an awesome experience working with Second Chance Apartment Company and my representative, Erica. I had recently broken a lease, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find a new apartment. However, Erica was able to help me find a great apartment that was affordable and accepted my past rental history.

Erica was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. She answered all of my questions and made sure that I understood everything. She also went above and beyond to help me get approved for the apartment. I am so grateful for her help. I would highly recommend Second Chance Apartment Company to anyone looking for a new apartment, especially if you have bad credit or a broken lease on your record. Erica is an amazing representative, and she will do everything she can to help you find the perfect apartment.

Lisa K.

Let me explain my experience with Second Chance Apartment Company, even though I had a 15-year-old broken lease balance on my credit. With the help of my representative, Erica, I was able to get myself and my fiancé into a 2-bedroom apartment in Houston. Erica was amazing! She was patient, understanding, and worked hard to find us an apartment that fit our needs and budget. She also helped us navigate the application process and answered all of our questions along the way. I'm so grateful to Erica and Second Chance Apartment Company for helping us find a place to call home. I highly recommend them to anyone who is struggling to find an apartment because of bad credit or rental history.

Lucinda Q.

After some hardship I encounter I was sadly evicted from my apartment. I found DONE DEAL in the local Greensheet. I called and Sandra answered. Right away I felt like I was talking to a friend that was trying to help me find a new home for my boys and I. Its was a great feeling since I was under so much stress as it was. Sandra answered all me questions and I was able to express all my concerns with her at any time. She definitely made me feel at ease and was very helpful. Sandra was with me every step and I'm so grateful for her and Done Deal family.

Gmoney J.

Done deal is a perfect place to get a second chance on finding an apartment for people with bad apartment history. They can get you approved and off to a new journey in your search for your new apartment. Sandra is a wonderful representative and was very polite and detailed. She really made me feel comfortable in making my decision. I have been approved for my apartment and it's all because of DONE DEAL.

Andre C

Done Deal is exactly what it says. I was somewhat apprehensive when I first called. However I was immediately put at ease by the upbeat and friendliness of the staff. Especially Sandra, an amazing Lady. Her extended confidence and courteness is affecting. I'm grateful I called Done Deal. At my wits end not knowing what my next move would be. Sandra clarified an understanding that we all deserve a second chance. Thank you Sandra for your simple goodness!

Janesia L.

Great company. I worked with Sandra who was just awesome! She worked with me and my boyfriend to help assist us with getting a new apartment and I couldn't be more thankful.

Shana S.

Love this company! When everyone else turned me down, Done Deal said no problem! I couldn't thank you guys enough, ESPECIALLY Sandra! Sandra was amazing, relatable, caring, and efficient! She got me in quickly and was always available whenever to assist with any concerns I had. Great, great company! Would definitely recommend!

Jaszline J.

I loveeee Ms. Sandra 💖 she’s been so patient with me through this whole process and through all my craziness lol...they really do help you out and are very hands on every step of the way !

Veronica C.

They are very professional and they take care of you till the end... I love that I didn't have to be waiting on their call ,when they said they would do they did!!!! Thank you sooo soo much "SANDRA" for your amazing help and for being so patience with us I really appreciate you and all your team!!
Once again I'm really grateful Sandra you were a huge help for us..... You guys are the best!!!!

Torshia W.

This is absolutely one of the best companies I've encountered in awhile. Done Deal is truly amazing Sandra stands out. Sandra was not just a representative but like a friend. She was superb through the entire process. I'm moving in my new apartment soon and I can't thank you enough for all you're support. I appreciate it. Keep treating and caring for people the way you do it's needed today.

Tiara's P.

Sandra helped out so much she was patient not pushy and in the end got me approved. I love how she was never rude always honest and hardworking . She did everything in her power to get me approved and SHE DID. I could never have got this apartment without her . If you have a broken lease dont lose hope there is another way .Do not get discouraged by the fees it is worth every penny

Laura M.

Sandra from Done Deal Co-sign has been with me from day one over the last 6 months with no issues and amazing communication. With her and the Done Deal team I have been able to get my independence back faster then I ever imagined. I’m truly grateful and would highly recommend this company to any and everyone needing a second chance!

Lovella M.

My transition was hard without a guide especially dealing with a broken lease. I'm so thankful for Sandra, Angel and Lia they were incredible. They always went above and beyond to be helpful every step of the way, creating moments of new beginnings. You are appreciated! My experience with Done Deal was wonderful!
Thank you,

Jerrica K.

This service was awesome to help with getting my apartment ms sandra was definitely patient she updated me on everything that was going on just awesome overall i will most definitely recommend this service to anyone thank you done deal !!!

Alexis L.

Best place to call if you need a second chance.. Even if you have an eviction they can help!! Sandra is a great listener and always responds to any questions I have. Best experience will definitely recommend to anyone that needs it.

Joanne I.

I was extremely skeptical at first because there are so many companies out there that claim to help people, but end up wasting your time and taking your money. Sandra made me feel at ease and was there for us through the process 100%. She was very knowledgeable and did everything she could to help us out! We loved our experience with second chance apartment consign, and will definitely recommend them to anyone! She has been a blessing in our lives!

Melvin C.

I came in with an urgent need to have an apartment and move in within 7days of the application process. Sandra immediately got on top of it without hesitation. Going above & Beyond to exceed all expectations, regardless of the barriers we were faced with. Since day 1 she’s been prompt, friendly, & very welcoming. I really appreciate the things she has done to help people like myself in predicaments like this. You are the real MVP Sandra.. Thank you again

Shalonda P.

I don't know where to begin, I have had so many problems with trying to find luxury apartments in my price range along with my previous financial situation. I google second chance apartment and this website came up, I was quiet skeptical. After speaking with Sandra she eased my concerns, still a little unsure, YES! still I went along. I have had a few issues during this process but always Sandra was right there and took care of the issue quickly. I cannot say enough about Sandra, she was always on call late at night( 9, 10 o'clock) and weekends she always answer. I can say this was one of the best decisions I made since moving to Houston, Sandra You Rock Chica!!

Juan O.

In a very short time and with communication playing an important role throughout this process, I was left highly satisfied with the services provided by Sandra and Done Deal. She was able to get me into the apartment I wanted and made everything go quick and easy! All of the information was upfront and simple. I am beyond happy to have a 2nd chance at renting an apartment under my own name. Cannot thank you enough Sandra!

Antonio R.

Let me start by saying I am great full to have come across second chance apartment co-sign. I have had the pleasure to work with an amazing person Miss Sandra she has taken the time to listen and guide me through this rough time.. I have found the perfect property and thanks to her I have been able to get approved and moved in. Thank you so much you have been a blessing to me and my family!!

Rudy A.

Sandra is awesome!! She helped me when no apartments would work with me. I would recommend her to anyone!

Jess R.

Sandra was immaculate, not only did she make our transition to our new home fast & easy but maintained her professionalism at it's best. Definitely recommend 👌 giving her a call for your next home.

Danny D.

I first want to say how big of a life saver Second Chance Co-sign was for me. I was left with a short time gap to move from one place to another. In the process of searching for places to potentially live at I noticed a flyer and decided to pick it up, thinking nothing of the material. I checked my credit score and noticed a n issue that would inhibit me from being able to sign a lease. In a panic, I pick up the phone and call Second Chance Co-sign. The blessing of help in Sandra answers the phone and immediately brought some assuring calming to my situation. Over the next few days, Sandra answered every phone call, was thorough in explaining the process, and most importantly diligent with everything she said she would do. From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful I picked up that flyer and that Sandra was the one whom answered the phone that day

Elizabeth K.

Moving to Houston I though was a solution to my problems. I am a Single Mom of Two, that was coming out of a divorce and dealing with the stress of possibly becoming homeless and not being able to keep a roof over my children's head after being denied by apartments. I was able to hope and met Ms. Darletta, she helped me find a new job, child care, and an apartment for me and my kids. I thank the team and the program to help me find a place and new life. Thank you Ms. D!!

Robin B.

Sandra is the most awesome, amazing people person you need in your life when you're in need of a second chance at renting. She has a calming spirit. She explained in detail how the second chance process works and what I needed to do. She is very detailed and very clear to make sure you understand. She will also call and make sure your move went well. #SandraIsFire 😎🔥🏩

Micheal H.

I'm not much for reviews but this time I feel the need to actually give one. I make really good income and I though money could get me anywhere, turns out that's not the case if you have a bad rental history, I had to learn the hard way. After not being able to get into a house and staying from hotel to hotel. I was driving to work one day and saw a truck with Second Chance Apartment Co-Sign on the back. I called the number on the truck and spoke with Ms. D and she explained about a program to help people with rental issues and decided to give it a try. I'm no longer and a hotel now and living in a apartment under my name and they're definitely not scammers they are real legit people trying to help others out.

Willis R.

Omg ! Where do i start , all around great experience , I will definitely recommend Sandra , she's very communicative and responds to texts and calls in a timely manner , she has a great attitude and perfect understanding , I will definitely recommend anyone I knows to her for service

James K.

Great service, felt like I was talking to friends. They were very helpful, and made me a priority

Mario Wiley

Second Chance Apartment Co-Sign was very helpful finding me a new place of residence. The process took days and in a weeks worth you're are on your way in searching for a new apartment home that the company work through. There many selection to choose from all around the Greater Houston Area and suburban areas as well. Mrs. D was a great help in finding me a new place despite the financial hardship and dealing with the Pandemic.

Reginal W.

I'm currently a client of Sandra Baraza and she's the best ! God directed me to her. If you're in need of help behind an eviction or broken lease , Sandra Baraza is the way to go !!!

Chris McNair

Ms.D is awesome she helps you with everything and she’s with you every step of the way to make sure it gets done.

Guadalupe V.

Sandra is awesome, great person to work with and a great attitude !! Thank you for helping .

Sarah W.

I had a quick and easy experience with Sandra. She's thorough, and professional. I recommend second chance working with Sandra She's the BEST!!!

Cindy R

I normally don’t post reviews unless it’s something I am not satisfied with... but i felt the need to do so because she was just amazing and I couldn’t be any more happier.. by having the greatest customer service I received by Sandra... the way she explain everything and how she kept it 💯...She gave me hope when I thought there was none left..thank you for everything Sandra!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Valencia L.

My experience with second chance was absolutely effortless and definitely rewarding. Not only did Sandra succeed in getting me approved for an apartment, but she assisted me throughout the whole process.She was so kind and helpful and was always looking out for me as long as I held up my end with providing whatever was necessary. In the end, I am now able to lease without the help of second chance and finally have my independence back. Sandra was patient with me and heard out all of my concerns and never had a problem reassuring me that all my needs would be met. I loved the fact that I could not only bring my concerns to her but she also took action immediately to rectify all things she had control over. I would so recommend second chance leasing and specifically refer everyone to Sandra B.!!! This company has really been a blessing to me and was so worth it. Admittedly, I was apprehensive at first because I didn’t this sort of program existed, however I never felt pressured and once I committed everything totally worked out for me.

Andria M.

Y'all, I had a great experience with Second Chance Apartment Co-Sign, even though I have very bad credit. With the help of Synaca, I was able to get myself and my kids into a 3-bedroom apartment through one of their partner properties in Houston. I was really nervous about the application process, but Synaca made it so easy. he explained everything to me in detail and answered all of my questions. He also helped me to gather all of the required documentation.

I was amazed at how quickly and easily Synaca was able to find me an apartment. He really took the time to understand my needs and budget. He also made sure to find an apartment that was in a good school district for my kids.

I am so grateful for Syneca's help. He made a dream come true for me and my family. I would highly recommend Second Chance Apartment Co-Sign to anyone who is struggling to find an apartment because of bad credit.

Joshua F.

After being denied multiple times trying to get an apartment, I was starting to lose hope. I had looked everywhere and done all the research I could online, but nothing seemed to work. Then I found Second Chance Apartment Cosign. I made an appointment to come to their office and spoke with Sandra. She was so friendly and helpful, and she immediately put me at ease. She explained the application process, which was surprisingly easy, and she helped me every step of the way. Within a few days, I was approved for an apartment! I was so excited and relieved. I couldn't believe that Second Chance Apartment Cosign had been able to help me when no one else could. If you're struggling to find an apartment, I highly recommend Second Chance Apartment Cosign. Sandra and her team are amazing, and they will do everything they can to help you find the perfect place to call home.

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